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Mini-dramas 2 - situations for short role plays (various themes)

Put students into pairs. Ask the pairs to role play the first situation with their partner, then change partners for the next situation. Perhaps pick some of the most interesting mini-dramas to perform for the whole class at the end of the activity.




Situation 1: You have left your wallet at home. You really need to make a phone call and take a bus back home. Explain this to your friend and ask to borrow the money.


Situation 2: You left your bag in a café and now it’s not there. Tell the café owner about it (What was in the bag? What did the bag look like? ) Ask if he/ she saw anyone take it.


Situation 3: Your son / daughter never tidies his/her bedroom and you are very annoyed about it.


Situation 4: You are twelve years old. You promised your mother / father to be home by seven o’clock but you are late. You didn’t get home until after ten o’clock at night. Apologise and explain.


Situation 5: You bought a CD player in a department store last week but it doesn’t work. Try to get your money back.




Situation 1: Your friend has a problem. Listen to him / her and decide if you want to help.


Situation 2: You are the owner of a café. You are very busy. A customer wants to talk to you about something but you don’t really have time to listen.


Situation 3: You are twelve years old. You have a lot of homework to do, but every time you try to do it, your mom/ dad wants you to do chores at home. Talk to your mother / father about your problem.


Situation 4: Your son / daughter promised to be home by seven o’clock but she didn’t get home until after ten o’clock at night. You are angry.


Situation 5: You work in a department store in the complaints department. You are very bored with your job. A customer wants to complain about something but you are not very interested.


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