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Hotel problems

Cut up the cards. Tell students that they are in a hotel but they have lost their voice. Students are given a card and have to pretend that they are at a hotel reception desk, They need to mime the things they need, while the class tries to guess what it is.

There are no towels in my hotel

room. Iím in room 15.


Iíd like a wake up call at 6.30 am tomorrow.



Thereís a mouse in my bathroom.


I asked for a double room but this key is for a single room.

All the lights on the third floor of

the hotel have gone out.

I dropped a bottle of wine on my

hotel room floor and I need someone to come and clean it for me.

The heating doesnít work in my room and itís freezing!

The lift doesnít work and Iím on the tenth floor. I donít want to carry my suitcases up all those stairs.

Iíd like a taxi for nine oíclock

tomorrow morning.

I want to know what time breakfast

is served in this hotel and where.

I ordered a drink and a sandwich

from room service an hour ago and it still hasnít arrived.

Iíd like to know the name of a good restaurant near the hotel.

I went to the room you told me to,

but the key doesnít fit the lock.


Iíve locked myself out of my hotel room.


The man in the room next to

mine has his TV on very loudly and

I want to go to sleep.

The air conditioning has stopped

working in my room. Itís so hot!

Thereís a horrible smell

coming from under the bed in

my room.

Thereís no remote control for the

TV in my hotel room.

© 2007 (original idea: by Duff/Maley)