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What’s the right question?

Cut up the cards and put them face down. Divide the class into two teams. One student from Team A comes to the front of the class and takes a card. This student has one minute to ask a (grammatically accurate) question to their team, to get the answer of the word or phrase on the card. If the team answers correctly, using exactly the words printed on the card, the team wins a point and the student can take another card, until the minute is up. Change teams and repeat.



The day before yesterday.


No thanks.


No, I can’t.


Next week.


New York.



Yes, you have.






Fine, thanks.



No, I wouldn’t.


Your grandfather.


This morning.


Last year.



Of course I do!


In bed.


Over there.





No, never.


Not very often.


No, I won’t.





On your right.


Yes, they do.


A rabbit.


Since last week.



For ages.


At school.


Yes, I would.





In the summer.


Elvis Presley.



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