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At the airport

Cut up the cards. Tell students that they are in at the airport but they have lost their voice. Students are given a card and have to pretend that they are at the information desk. They need to mime their problems, while the class tries to guess what it is.


I donít know which boarding

gate to go to.

I want to know how much

my luggage weighs.

Someone has stolen

my passport.

I want to know what time the

flight from New York arrives.

Iíve lost my mobile and I need

to use a public phone.

Iíd like to rent a car but I donít know

where to go in the airport.

Iíve just arrived from Australia,

but my luggage hasnít arrived in the baggage hall.

My friend has just gone through to departures, but I have his important medicine in my bag. He really needs this medicine.

I need to take a taxi

to the city centre.

I need to borrow a wheel chair

for my great grandfather.

Iíve just found a three year old girl

alone in the departure lounge.

My coat has got stuck on

the luggage carousel.

Iíve just realised that I left my

computer on the plane.

Thereís a large dog in

the arrivals hall.

I want to get something to eat

before I take off.

Ineed to change

some money.

Iím meeting my six year old nephew

but he hasnít arrived yet. He should have arrived an hour ago.

Someone has spilt a large bottle of oil

on the floor of the departure lounge.

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