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Passives Quiz – coffee

Organise the class into groups of 4 to 6. Divide each group into two teams, and give each their respective handouts. The teams take it in turns to ask the other a question in the passive.


Coffee Quiz – true or false?

1. Coffee is ________ from the leaves of the coffee plant. (make)


2. Until around 1,000 AD, coffee was mainly ________ as a medicine. (use)


3. More than half of the world’s coffee is ________ in South and Central America. (grow)


4. In decaffeinated coffee, the caffeine is ________by freezing the beans. (remove)


5. In the middle ages coffee was ________ by many priests to be the drink of the devil (believe)


6. Until the 1870, coffee was usually ________ as fresh beans which were then ________ at home. (roast)


7. In the USA, 37% of coffee is ________ with artificial sweetener. (sweeten)


Answers: 1 False – it is made from the beans, 2 True, 3 True, 4 False, 5 True, 6 True, 7 False

Coffee Quiz – true or false?

1. Coffee was first ________ in The Middle East, approximately 1,500 years ago.(drink)


2. Coffee is __________ commercial in around 50 countries. (grow)


3. Most coffee beans are ________ by hand. (harvest)


4. After they have been ________, the coffee beans are ________ to dry in the sun for up to a year. (pick / leave)


5. In 1843, coffee-drinking was ________ by the Emperor of China. (forbid)


6. In Britain in 1675, all coffee-houses were ________ by the king. (close)


7. In Japan, one million litres of coffee are ________ every hour. (drunk)


Answers: 1 True, 2 True, 3 True 4 False - some coffee beans are dried in the sun for a few days, but most are dried in ovens, 5 False, 6 True - coffee houses were used as meeting places for political discussion, 7 False

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