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Gerunds and infinitives

Put students into groups of four or five. Give them a card and allow few minutes to decide whether they are going to lie or tell the truth. Students then take it in turns to tell their stories for the rest of their group to guess if they are telling the truth.




Talk about something you forgot to do last week, which caused some problems.




Talk about something you remember doing when you were at school when you got into trouble. (Were you punished for it?)




Talk about some activity which you tried doing to see if you liked it. (Did you give it up or do you still do it?)




Talk about a difficult thing you tried to do (but didnít manage to do it because it was too hard.)




Talk about a time when you were walking / driving and you stopped to do something else (to help someone or because you saw something really interesting etc)



Talk about a bad habit you stopped doing. (How long had you been doing it? Was it difficult stopping?)



Talk about something you hope to do next summer. (Give lots of details about your plans)



Talk about something you really regret saying to someone. (What did you say? What happened?)




Talk about some activity you used to do a few years ago. (Why did you stop?)



Talk about some habit which may seem strange to other people but which you are used to doing.


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