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What are they doing? – Present continuous

Put students into groups of four or five. Give each group a set of cards face down. Students take turns to take a card and draw what they read to elicit the present continuous sentence  on the card (including it / he / she or they).



He’s phoning his wife.



She’s washing her hair.



They’re dancing.




They’re having an argument.



She’s waiting for a train.



They’re getting married.



He’s cleaning the stairs.



She’s running a race.



It’s raining.




They’re studying English.



She’s thinking about her dog.



He’s watching a sad movie.



She’s brushing her hair.



He’s riding a camel.



They’re playing computer games.



She’s sunbathing.



He’s cooking spaghetti.


She’s feeding her cat.


He’s learning to drive



She’s taking a photo.


It’s snowing.



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