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Review of past simple (ate), past continuous (was eating) and present perfect (have eaten)

In groups of three or four, ask students to look through the sentences and decide whether they think they are grammatically correct or not. They should bet on how sure they are that their decision is right, between 10% and 100%. When all the groups have had time to decide, go through the answers together, scoring points for the teams on the board. If group A thought that the first sentence was correct and they were 80% sure, their score is minus 80 for that sentence. If group B thought the first sentence was incorrect, but they were only 10%, their score is + 10 for that sentence. The winning team has the highest total points, or the lowest minus number.


How sure are you?

Are these sentences grammatically correct or incorrect? In your groups decide, then bet between 10% and 100% on how sure you are that your decision is correct.



Are these sentences correct or incorrect?

Right or wrong

How sure are you?






We have gone on holiday last year.







Sara was eating a pizza when she found a spider in it.







Have you ever seen an alien?







When the police arrived they saw a body lying on the floor and they phoned for help.







While Maria was drinking her cocktail she noticed that George was walking into the bar.







Iíve seen Paris and Iíve been to Berlin but I havenít never visited Rome.







Whoís taken my wallet? I have left it on the chair five minutes ago.







Mark was living in New York when he met Claire.







Simon found an envelope which was lying on the floor.







Antonio has wrote 15 emails this morning and he hasnít finished yet.







When have you seen that film?







Have arrived Steve and Rosella yet?







Have you never been in love?







When youíve finished doing that, tell me, and then you can go home.






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